Are nursing homes the best place for elderly care?

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Are Nursing Homes the Best Place for Elderly Care? | Country Lodge

A common question we get asked by families looking for extra support or care for their loved one is whether nursing homes are the best place for elderly care. In short, there is no single answer to this question, as we understand that every individual will have different needs to be met as they get older. However, from our experience, when compared to in-home care, or assisted living centres, residents get many more benefits from a care home, such as Country Lodge.

In this article, we outline the pros and cons of the varying types of elderly care available through common questions that our team are asked.

Will a nursing or care home provide variety in their day?

Most definitely! A misconception that seems to still be apparent is that as soon as someone starts living at a care home, they will then be doing the same monotonous activities every day and won’t leave their chair all afternoon. This quite simply isn’t the case with most care homes. Varied activity plans are put into place to ensure that residents are kept busy within the home and get out and about in the local towns and villages. Many care homes will also plan seasonal activities during the course of the year to entertain residents.

In addition, friends and family members will often visit the care home and take residents for day trips too, so they’ll never get bored.

Whilst you might expect in-home care to provide the individual with as much variety in their day, unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. Some days can become very lonely, especially if they live on their own.

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Will my loved one receive 1-to-1 care at a nursing or care home?

Yes! Another false impression of nursing and care homes is that there are too many residents in one home for every resident to get the right amount of 1-to-1 care.

We have a strict nurse to resident ratio, and also have professionals that visit the home to provide additional support for issues such as mobility and increasing strength.

Those who opt for in-home care,  or who are living in an assisted living complex are likely to receive a lot of 1-to-1 care, however, when they receive this care may be limited to certain hours in the day. Our nurses are on duty 24/7, so you can rest assured they will always be on hand when our residents need it the most. Read more about our philosophy of care here.

Which care option will provide my loved one with the most independence?

Lack of independence is one of the main worries that elderly individuals feel when they start considering additional care, whether that be at home or in a care home.

However, we make our residents feel so at home at Country Lodge, that as soon as they move in, they realise this is not something they should have worried about.

In fact, they often gain more independence, read our blog post here about how care homes in Worthing can improve residents’ communication and confidence.

How much does it cost for elderly home care vs nursing home care?

There are many elements to consider when weighing up the costs for nursing home care vs home care, you should think about the following:

  • The number of care hours required – if 24-hour care is required, costs will be extremely high for home care, with the average hourly rate being anything from £15 – £30.
  • Additional care needs – in some cases, your home carer may not be qualified for certain care requirements, such as physiotherapy, so consider whether you will need to spend further money on this.
  • In-home adaptations – will your loved one need adaptations made to their home, such as a stair lift or orthopedic bed?

At our care home in Worthing, rooms start from around £870 per week, this cost obviously includes all home-cooked meals, activities and 24/7 care, plus many more benefits!

We found this useful article to help you better understand the costs of elderly care Worthing, click here.

So, which elderly care option should I choose?

It’s important to include your elderly relative in this decision, do they have a preference and what are their reasons for their choice? Maybe they’ve never visited a care home, so, like many may have a preconceived idea of what it will be like.

We would also recommend visiting a few different care homes, as you should instantly get a good feeling about the one that’s right. In addition, read plenty of reviews, take a look at ours here.

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