Care home or retirement village? Benefits of care homes versus retirement villages in West Sussex

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Care homes in West Sussex

It can be a worrying time when making the decision to move your elderly relative into a new home, whether that’s a care home in West Sussex or a nearby retirement village. These contrasting accommodation options will provide your loved one with a different living experience from what they are used to, so it’s important to choose the solution that is best for all who are involved in the process.

When comparing our West Sussex care home, Country Lodge, with some nearby retirement villages we believe our residents are provided with a more enjoyable experience that also benefits from full time on-site care professionals. In this article, we have outlined some of the considerations that should be thought about when choosing between a care home or retirement village.

How much care will your relative receive?

This should be one of the most important questions to answer before starting your search. Your relatives care level may be completely different to someone else’s, so it’s essential to keep this in mind.

To help determine what is the appropriate home for your loved one, you should ask some of the following questions at any care home or retirement village you are interested in.

  • Will they receive one-to-one immediate help when they need it?
  • Is there at least one highly trained and professional nurse on hand 24 hours a day?
  • What care will they receive as standard? For example, is there regular physiotherapy available to help mobility?

You can read more about the type of care your relative will receive at Country Lodge in this blog post here.

How many residents is the home registered for?

In many instances, a retirement village will have multiple homes on site which residents will either buy or rent. Depending on the location, retirement villages in West Sussex can vary hugely in size, but in most cases, your relative will be living on their own, which can be a lonely experience, especially if they choose not to, or are unable to, participate in social events around the village.

At our care home in West Sussex, we have only 26 residents at any one time. Although each resident has their own bedroom, there are many communal spaces around the home where residents are encouraged and aided to interact and participate in various activities. Residents are welcome to relax in their rooms if they choose to, but our team will always check on them regularly in case they require anything extra.

Will their new home be well kept?

When living in a retirement village, residents, in most cases, are expected to maintain their property themselves which will include cooking and cleaning. If your relative is not in the position to be able to do this for themselves, it can result in a less enjoyable experience or add more costs if private help is required.

By choosing Country Lodge in West Sussex, you can rest assured that all rooms, communal areas and gardens are well kept. Our gardener can regularly be seen pottering around making the gardens, beautiful at any time of the year, for our residents to admire and enjoy. Your relative will also receive 3 homemade meals a day, all freshly cooked onsite by our resident  chef and his team.

What’s the social scene like?

If your relative is very much used to keeping busy, maintaining an active life with plenty of social experiences is going to be of major importance to them.

Retirement homes can vary in terms of what they offer for their residents, some offer activities residents can take part in, whereas others will just provide rather basic communal areas where people can meet up.

In contrast, we offer a varied programme of activities that are specially planned to allow everyone to get involved whenever they wish to. Our most popular activities include;

  • Two beautifully planned and catered annual events: our elegant Summer Garden Party, and our hugely popular Christmas Punch and Carols attended by the Vicar and church choir to both of which family and friends are invited.
  • Musical performances by local musicians and singers.
  • Talks and Presentations on various subjects which residents are encouraged to join in on.
  • Games and quizzes.
  • Outings to local venues such as seaside cafés, garden centres and places of interest.

How much independence will they have?

Ensuring your relative doesn’t lose their independence is likely to be one of the key issues that you and your loved one are discussing.

Retirement homes are usually within gated communities, and many do have rules around visitor timings and parking spaces and restrictions. At Country Lodge, we like to give residents as much independence as they would like, meaning there are no restrictions on visitor access or day trips out of the home but for safety and fire reasons, we do request that everyone, including visiting tradesmen, sign in and out.

Visit your shortlisted care homes in West Sussex

You wouldn’t buy a home without viewing it a couple of times to ensure that the location and general feel of the home is right, so why would you do that with a care home?

One of our team is available every day to show you and your family round our care home. Just call us on 01903 830600 choosing Option 1 or send us an email on to discuss your requirements and a suitable date to meet.