Daughter of Resident. Resident since 2017.

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Could you tell us what you think of Country Lodge?

  • There’s nothing they don’t do well!
  • The way Staff treat Residents is brilliant – so kind.
  • There is a very low staff turnover – which shows the quality of the management.
  • I love the board in the kitchen which details what people do and don’t like to eat and how they like to eat it. It’s kind.
  • The standard of cleanliness is excellent – there are never nasty smells.

Would you say your relative feels safe?

Yes, I do. I took her to the Dentist on Monday. The Dentist asked where she lived. She couldn’t answer, but replied that she was very well looked after there and felt very secure.

Do you think the service/care your relative receives is effective and appropriate for their needs?

Yes definitely. Debbie Spokes was very quick to meet her additional needs for security.

Do you think the Home Care is ‘Caring’ – both the clinical and their personal dignity of your relative?

Yes, very much so. Personal dignity is very important and can so easily be lost on the elderly. It is the most important thing. I know she is treated with dignity because I see it from Staff and I hear it when I listen to how Staff talk to other residents around me even when they don’t know I’m listening.

Do you think our Service is ‘responsive’ to you and to your relative’s needs?

Yes. The example I mentioned earlier, but also when my mother first arrived 3 years ago she was in a small room (the only one available at the time) and she was so grateful to be offered a larger ground floor room which suits her and which she loves.

Lastly, how well do you think the Home is run? Have you seen any chances for better or for worse?

I think it is very well-run. Debbie Spokes is proactive and alert to her needs. The staff are delightful and the low turnover in staff is superb and a real credit to Debbie. We’ve been here 3 years and we’ve barely seen any turnover. 

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We are proud to say that our home is COVID-19 free and open to new residents.

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