Daughter of Resident. Resident since 2018.

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Could you tell us what you think of Country Lodge?

  • It’s primarily a very secure place for my mother.
  • Staff work extremely hard.
  • It’s very clean and never smells like other homes
  • The bathroom is always clean, with fresh towels.
  • The food has always been wonderful.

Would you say your relative feels safe?

Yes, she does feel as safe as she can at aged 98. Sometimes she wants us to double check window locks, but I’ve seen staff reassure her and run through security with her on a regular basis.

Do you think the service/care your relative receives is effective and appropriate for their needs?

Yes, the care is appropriate for her. She is not bed-bound and staff support her independence – dressing and washing and moving around. I’m glad she has that.

Do you think the Home Care is ‘Caring’ – both the clinical and their personal dignity of your relative?


Do you think our Service is ‘responsive’ to you and to your relative’s needs?

Yes. About 4 weeks ago I realised she was fiddling with her hearing aids, wrapping them in bits of tissue and changing the batteries. It’s quite crucial she doesn’t lose them as she’s been told they won’t be replaced because she is profoundly deaf, but I know they make a difference. I’ve mentioned it to Debbie the Manager who has helped me relocate the aids several times and I’m grateful she takes it seriously. I’ve also asked Staff to check morning and night the aids are in and working and I believe they do this.

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