Daughter of Resident. Resident since 2019.

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Could you tell us what you think of Country Lodge?

I think it is very friendly, very homely and very encouraging. We like it. We looked at lots of different places and this was the most homely. That’s how it needs to feel if it’s going to be a long-term thing. Mum feels really comfortable here.

Would you say your relative felt safe?

Yes. After she had a [ health issue while on a visit back to her own home], she wanted to be here [at Country Lodge]. That’s the testimony to how safe she feels here.

Debbie [Spokes, Manager] is exceptionally good at talking to her and listening to her and putting things into perspective for all of us. It’s such a support to us as a family to have that. For us it’s hard to come to terms with this transition.

Do you think the service/care your relative received was effective and appropriate for their needs?

Yes. Because she needs help with mobility, she needs help emotionally, she’s naturally very social – and she gets all that here. Her physical needs are met. There’s nothing we feel that’s wanting. We’ve never had to say “please do something differently”.

Do you think the Home Care is ‘Caring’ – both the clinical and their personal dignity of your relative?

Yes. She has privacy when she needs it. She always feels comfortable, even during personal care. Staff are always respectful.

Do you think our Service is ‘responsive’ to you and to your relative’s needs?

Yes. She’s never ignored. People communicate even if they can’t respond right now because they’re helping someone else.

You’ve also been responsive for example in terms of how the place looks [we’re sitting in the lounge] and making changes – that’s really helpful.

The resident’s meetings are a great example. You always act quickly on what has been suggested.

If there’s ever anything in her room that needs sorting out, the handyman sorts it out immediately. For example the door was adjusted recently and other things sorted out without delay.

Debbie [Spokes, Manager] is very innovative about ways of helping her [with] one of Mum’s big issues – and one of the reasons we can’t see a way to get her home. Debbie has spent a lot of time with us suggesting ways to help the situation from medical reviews to change meds, to offering [various technologies and homeopathic adjuvant therapies]. Unfortunately with her condition, this is just part of it and Debbie has been excellent in helping us through that.

Nicky [Activities Coordinator] is excellent. When she comes in the room everyone’s mood lifts. She adapts her entertainment to whatever the residents want: for example her special film afternoons based on resident requests. It will be lovely when we can get out in the garden again and do activities out there.

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