Daughter of Resident. Resident since 2019.

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Could you tell us what you think of Country Lodge?

It’s a wonderful welcoming building. It makes you want to go in. There are beautiful flowers outside. The entrance hall is very welcoming. It’s clean, it’s fresh, it’s nicely decorated. I know that’s not the most important thing but it definitely makes you want to go in.

The residents look very happy, they’re in the lounge, they’re communicating together. They’re not sitting in one big circle which is what I don’t like about nursing homes.

Being a nurse myself, I came in with a critical eye. I didn’t want anything that smelt, and Country Lodge doesn’t smell at all. And it just feels like you’re walking into someone’s lounge which is so lovely, it feels like a home and not a nursing home.

The nursing staff of all qualifications are very friendly, very welcoming. Katie [the deputy manager] showed us around. She’s a lovely lady, open to all our questions, she showed us the room mum would have. Not a massive room but that’s not what we needed. We needed a comforting, secure home and I felt we were going to get that.

Would you say your relative felt safe?

Yes, I do. Speaking on her behalf I would say very safe. She’s made acquaintances with other residents. I think she feels safe, yes, very much so, in all manners: physically and emotionally.

Do you think the service/care your relative received was effective and appropriate for their needs?

Yes, very much so. She’s cared for mostly in bed because of her [health issues]. Her [health issue A] is managed appropriately, She has wonderful [health issue B] prevention care. It’s very much a preventative practice, which is very, very good – I’m very big on preventative nursing care. So yes, I think the nursing care is very effective.

Do you think the Home Care is ‘Caring’ – both the clinical and their personal dignity of your relative?

I think her care is very good. She obviously has her teeth cleaned and her hair done (which is what didn’t happen at the previous home). All the practical and general nursing care is tip-top. But the care on all aspects and all levels, from the qualified nurse to your HCAs is excellent.

Do you think our Service is ‘responsive’ to you and to your relative’s needs?

I’ve never had the need to ask for anything to be honest, apart from [a small concern] I had which was dealt with immediately and very professionally. But for me to query any nursing care? No, I’ve not needed to, which emphasizes how good you guys are. If I had any issues I would feel very comfortable mentioning something and I’m 100% sure it would be resolved immediately.

Lastly, do you think the Home is run well?

Debbie [Spokes, the Registered Manager] is very effective. When I met her at [previous care home] for the assessment with Mum, she was certainly covering all aspects of care with me and with Mum. She is a role model to the juniors and the people under her. I think Debbie is a very effective leader. She’s very appropriate and very approachable so I would definitely feel comfortable speaking to her if I had any issues.

We’ve met [Will & Debs Andrews, Proprietors] on a few occasions and while they’re the owners they’re very much part of the family. They’re in there and very active in there. I think the whole set-up is just lovely. They’ve put on a couple of social events [Summer Garden Party and Punch and Carols] but it wasn’t about marketing or showing who they were, it was ‘this is our job, this is our home’ and that is a lovely set up.

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