How Country Lodge Care Home in West Sussex is looking after their residents during COVID-19

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How Country Lodge Care Home in West Sussex is looking after their residents during COVID-19

Coronavirus has affected almost everyone in the world, with the care industry being hit especially hard. With limitations slowly starting to ease, and national cases falling, we are proud to say that our care home in West Sussex remained COVID-19 free. 

The wellbeing and safety of our staff and residents is paramount to us, and because of this, we put several, additional safety and hygiene measurements in place to ensure that we could continue to safely provide outstanding care. Read on to learn what these measures were, and how we’ve managed to keep resident morale up during the pandemic.

Safety and hygiene methods 

PPE (personal protective equipment)

By following the latest government guidance, all our staff wear the appropriate PPE to help protect themselves and our residents. Although it’s taken a little time to get used to, we understand the importance of these measures and are grateful to have remained free from the coronavirus.

Virtual visits 

To ensure that our residents didn’t miss out on time with their families whilst they were unable to visit, we set up a Zoom account and email. This allowed our residents to feel connected with their families via video calls, all whilst keeping safe and ‘digitally distanced’. 

We also stopped our usual in-person showarounds with the public and instead opted for virtual tours and meetings. This was to help keep our residents isolated, and away from any possible risks of contracting the virus. 

Increased cleaning 

Our team of fabulous cleaners are also continuing to complete daily deep cleans. We are also investing in disinfectant fogging machines. This all ensures that all surfaces remain spotless and virus-free. 


All our staff and residents have been tested for coronavirus and were found to be free from the virus. Going forward, we will be testing staff on a weekly basis and residents every month to ensure there are no asymptomatic cases. In addition, we take staff temperatures every day before starting work and we take resident temperatures twice a day. All this means we can be confident of having zero COVID-19 cases at Country Lodge.

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Nothing will stop us from having fun…

Whether you’ve visited our home before, or you follow our Facebook page, you may already know that our home is far from dull! No matter the time of year, or occasion, our residents and staff will always find a way to celebrate the day and have a little fun. Even the lockdown didn’t stop us from doing the activities we love  These include: 

Our usual games, movies and activities

From card making to mental aerobics, physio and quizzes, dog bingo to afternoon movie dates, our residents have done it all during lockdown! We understood the importance of keeping our residents occupied and social with each other to help them get through this difficult time. These activities are pretty usual for us, so we wanted to make sure that things were as ‘normal’ as they could be. 

Receiving handmade cards and letters

We were grateful to receive many beautiful cards, paintings and letters from local schools, families and businesses. They caused laughter, tears and so much joy and it made us realise how lucky we are to receive these extraordinary acts of kindness in very hard times.

Celebrating special events

If you know our care home in West Sussex, then you know we love a reason to celebrate, and the coronavirus wasn’t going to stop us! Whether it was St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, VE-day, Wimbledon (yes, we celebrated it even though it was not on this year!), residents’ birthdays or our annual Summer Grill, we always put the effort in to make sure it was an enjoyable day for everyone. 

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Let us show you around our home

It is natural to have questions and concerns when making choices regarding residential care, especially with everything that is happening right now, but our friendly, highly experienced, team are always on hand to explain all aspects of the elderly care we offer. We aim to provide quality, impartial advice and expert information when required.

Contact us today to learn more about the elderly care support services we offer or book a tour to meet our staff and residents. 

Please note – For the time being, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, visiting and viewing arrangements are slightly different. Please phone 01980 830600 for more information.

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Take a virtual tour

To allow you to view our care home in a safer, more convenient way, we have created a virtual tour of our home.