How care homes in Worthing can improve residents’ communication and confidence.

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How care homes in worthing improve confidence

A huge part of deciding to move into a care home is the realisation that the care received at home is not enough and the needs of the individual are not being met. Impeccable care is very important as you get older and ensuring your health and wellbeing is looked after must be a priority.

In this article, we cover the benefits of care home living for a resident’s communication and confidence.

How do care homes benefit residents’ communication?

Before moving into a care home in Worthing, residents can find themselves feeling very lonely if they live alone. Even when someone receives visitors regularly to their home, it can be daunting to do everyday tasks even with help from family members or carers. Communication with others can become more and more difficult, a sad truth that unfortunately often comes with home care for the elderly.

Care homes are a safe and inviting environment where residents will be around others who are in a similar situation.

At Country Lodge, even though every resident has their own private bedroom, where they can spend as much, or as little, time in, there are also numerous communal areas where there is the opportunity to communicate with other residents and perhaps share interesting stories and laughs. It’s lovely to see a resident come out of their shell within just a few days of joining Country Lodge and companionship becomes a huge part of everyday life, where beforehand it may have been missing.

Research by the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing shows that “24% of people aged over 60 stated they felt lonely sometimes or often; this equates to just over 3 million people in the UK population.” – This is a huge number of elderly people, and where care home living can really help.

How do care homes benefit confidence?

We see confidence naturally increase when residents join our care home in Worthing. They are given the opportunity to socialise and to take part in physical and mental activities which provides them with the stimulation to thrive as individuals.

Not only is our care home a welcoming space for the resident, but also for their families who can visit as often as they like – and there is always the offer of a cup of tea and slice of homemade cake!

This combination of activity and socialisation allows our nurses and care staff to learn quickly what is best for each individual and adapt daily activities to their needs. We understand that not all residents enjoy group activities, so we ensure they receive mental stimulation in other ways, through one-to-one sessions with our staff and visiting therapists.

Read more about our daily activities in our blog here.

Other benefits of care homes in Worthing

Country Lodge has now been running since 2002, so with over 17 years of experience, we’ve seen many of the residents blossom whilst staying here.

Other benefits include:

  • Physical fitness – our large garden allows residents to take short walks around the beautiful grounds, keeping their bodies moving and muscles exercising.
  • Self-esteem – we like to pamper our residents, and we’ve found that our regular hand massages and hair and beauty treatments really help with their mood, making them feel better about themselves and really cared for.
  • Improved health – residents at our care home in Worthing receive fresh home cooked meals daily and plenty of chances to go outside in fine weather, meaning they are getting their fair share of Vitamin D and other essential.

You can read more about the benefits here in our blog.

Visit Country Lodge to see for yourself…

It’s likely to be difficult for you to envisage your loved one in a care home, and that’s why we make the transition as stress-free as possible. However, the best way to get a feeling of a care home is to visit it yourself.

You will be able to see what a ‘Day in the life’ of a care home resident really looks like and will have a chance to speak to some of our residents and our nurses on duty.

If you would like to arrange a visit to Country Lodge, give us a call on 01903 830600 (option 2) or email