How to get an elderly person into a care home

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How to get an elderly person into a care home | Elderly care Worthing

In some cases, our loved ones don’t want to face the fact that they are getting older and require more help than they would have 5 years ago. This is a common problem we hear when trying to get an older person into a care home. 

When looking for elderly care in Worthing, it’s important to listen to their worries and concerns before making a decision about which care option is the best. In this article, we have looked at the best ways to deal with this transition and answering the question ‘How to get an elderly person into a care home’. 

Reassure them 

At this stage in an older persons’ life, continuity and reassurance will be hugely important. If they feel like moving into a care home is going to drastically change aspects of their lives, such as their social life and independence, they may be instantly put off by the idea of a care home. 

It’s key to stress that moving into a care home isn’t going to deny them of their independence, and in fact, it may allow them to become more independent due to the extra support we can provide them and health benefits that come with moving into a care home in Worthing. 

Understand the benefits of early intervention

Accepting early on that your loved one requires that extra support can have huge benefits to them in the long run. 

Early intervention allows problems such as deterioration of memory to be slowed down, meaning the individual should live a healthy and happier life for longer. Care homes can also improve other aspects of an elderly person’s life, such as: 

  • Communication 
  • Confidence 
  • Mobility 
  • Safety
  • Companionship

With our registered nurses on duty 24/7 and additional health professionals such as physiotherapists and chiropodists regularly visiting our nursing home, we have everything they could need readily available.

Prove that you will always be there 

Sometimes, older people get worried that their friends and family will stop visiting them once they live in a care home. Once again, reassure them that this won’t be the case, and maybe let them know the days you will be visiting so they have some consistency for when they are settling in. 

At Country Lodge, we have no strict rules around visiting times, so whether you want to pop in for coffee or lunch or for a cup of tea and a slice of cake, or stay longer in the evening you are always welcome and we always love meeting our residents’ families and seeing the smile it brings to their face. 

Allow them to still make their own decisions 

Keeping your loved one involved is an important step when you are looking for care homes in Worthing, and if it’s suitable, you should try to let them make decisions throughout the process. 

Understand what their criteria are, for example, many of our residents choose Country Lodge because of the wonderful setting we are in, the ability to walk around our beautiful gardens and look out over the Downs. Others like the warm, friendly homely feel and comfortable beautifully decorated rooms.  

When they realise they’re being listened to, it will be much easier to shortlist your local care homes and get them on board with the process.

Get them excited about their new care home 

Once you’ve chosen a care home, find some more information about where they will be living and explain more about the activities and amenities available at the care home. 

Each room can be personalised and you’re welcome to bring their own belongings to ensure their space is comfortable and homely.

We regularly update our website and Facebook page with all the goings-on at Country Lodge, from our annual Garden Party and Christmas Punch & Carols to in-home shows from local musicians.  

Arrange a viewing at Country Lodge

When you are ready to start making a shortlist following your research of elderly care in Worthing, we would recommend that you arrange a viewing at Country Lodge. Our manager, her deputy or the Nurse on duty will be happy to give you a full tour of the home, including the garden, and answer any questions you have. Here’s a review from one of our residents’ daughters: 

‘The staff were so caring and friendly to us and Mum – even though Mum had dementia at that stage, they’d chat with her and go along with what she was saying. There are activities – a weekly quiz, monthly singing/dancing, Christmas activities, etc. Mum did join in with the quizzes, as well as the singing. 

At Christmas, the nursing home provides presents for everyone and they all sat around the tree to get them. They didn’t all receive the same present – thought had gone into each person’s gift to cater for their likes and requirements. Everyone then had lunch in the dining room. The views were fantastic, and the garden was lovely to sit in. The food was good, and we could join for meals if we wanted to.’

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Take a look at our latest reviews from family members here and if you have more questions around ‘How to get an elderly person into a care home’, then get in touch by calling our manager, Debbie Spokes, on 01903 830600 (Option2) or email us on

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