Motor Neurone Disease

Choosing a care home for a loved one with Motor Neurone Disease can be difficult; there is a lot to consider. A diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease can be hard to deal with and as the disease progresses and symptoms worsen, the care needs get more demanding.
Country Lodge is a residential nursing home in Worthing, West Sussex offering the best levels of care for those with Motor Neurone Disease.
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Why should you consider a care home for someone diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease?

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) gets progressively worse. Meaning that over time the functions of the motor system are lost. This causes weakness and eventually wasting of the muscles, making simple tasks impossible for the individual with the condition to complete on their own.
While it can be a difficult decision, it might be necessary for the individual to go into a care home full time. At Country Lodge our fully qualified, friendly nursing and carers team are available 24/7. Our homes have specialist features to deal with all of the challenges that those with MND face. We focus on creating a supportive home for the resident, that allows them to keep as much independence as possible.

How can Country Lodge help with nursing for Motor Neurone Disease?

It is common for individuals to want to stay at home, but sometimes that isn’t feasible. Our team is fully qualified with plenty of experience. They are there to help throughout both the day and night to provide care when and where you or your loved one needs it.
This can include, but is not limited to:
  • Physiotherapy – We have specialist physiotherapists visit our care home on a regular basis. While physiotherapy can’t reverse the effects of MND, it can help maintain the range of movement and keep them comfortable for longer.
  • Personal Care – Our friendly nurses can support your loved one with any personal care tasks, such as bathing. Our care is flexible so your loved one can stay as independent as they would like, and more care can be given when needed.
  • Healthy eating – MND can make eating difficult as it can make swallowing harder. Our chefs prepare freshly cooked meals with any difficulties in mind. Where needed our qualified carers can assist residents, making sure your loved one is eating safely.
  • Spacious Rooms – Those living with MND might need extra equipment in their rooms to help with everyday tasks, such as getting in and out of bed, or bathing. We can offer spacious rooms so that your loved ones have the space they need.
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Psychological care and activities

A diagnosis of MND will likely not only have an impact on the physical health of your loved one. We believe it is just as important that we support our residents emotionally and physiologically. Adjusting to life in a residential care home and the loss of independence that may come with that can take time, so we want to make sure it goes smoothly.
We have created an activity programme with the aim of engaging and mentally stimulating residents and encouraging them to interact with others. We also encourage family and friends to visit as often as possible, no appointments needed! Keeping in touch with family and friends can reduce your loved one feeling lonely and help with their transition into full time care.

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There are many different ways that MND can affect someone, which can make it difficult to find the right care home.

Having a chance to ask your questions and express any concerns might make the decision easier. Our friendly expert team are always on hand to answer your questions and concerns about our MND care. We aim to provide impartial and quality advice and information when it is required.

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