Bowling Andy is now a regular visitor and firm favourite on the activities programme. He brings all his own music and cajoles everyone – including passing staff members to join in the fun.

Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em

Yes, Jean had a lovely bouquet of flowers for Mothers’ Day which brightened up her regular spot by the window. We love to see our residents being spoiled by family and friends, especially on these important occasions.

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How care homes in worthing improve confidence

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Did you hear the news today?

Activities are a popular feature of afternoons at Country Lodge – Dolores our wonderful activities co-ordinator hosts a weekly quiz among other games. Here she is reading residents headlines from our local paper, the Worthing Herald.

Charlie has a strike

Ten Pin Bowling is the latest rage here – Andy arrives complete with a ‘bowling lane’ and music and there is a great deal of merriment as residents and visitors have a go at bowling a ‘Strike’ (first ball takes down all pins) or ‘Spare’ (second ball takes them down).

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Pauline has her hands full – it must be a birthday!

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Christmas Festivities 2018

Christmas at Country Lodge was a jolly affair with the staff dressing up as elves much to the amusement of the residents and families. Presents were opened and a delicious Christmas Lunch was enjoyed by all.

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