Why elderly care is so important | Advice from a nursing home in West Sussex

Why elderly care is so important – Advice from a nursing home in West Sussex

The thought of growing old can be a sensitive subject, and elderly people, more than anyone, need efficient care and comfort to lead a long, healthy life. When you have an ageing loved one in your life, you’ll want to do everything you can to care for them, as chances are, they’re the parent that… Read more »

Pauline – Raffle queen

Pauline has been busy collecting raffle prizes for our Garden Party. So far, we have quite a store I hear – I’m not allowed to peek but knowing Pauline it will be quite a cornucopia by 17th August if last year was anything to go by. Tickets will be on sale soon so join the… Read more »

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Green Door

Country Lodge has gone green…well our front door is sporting a new look which we rather like. We started off red many moons ago then blue so it’s time for a change.

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Bowling with Andy

Bowling with Andy remains hugely popular and there is always great hilarity when he visits with his Bowling Alley and vintage music!

Care Home in West Sussex

Summer fun with Nikki

The glorious weather has encouraged our residents to do more outdoors, so Nikki has put on drawing & painting activities as well as the popular mind games.

Are Nursing Homes the Best Place for Elderly Care? | Country Lodge

Are nursing homes the best place for elderly care?

A common question we get asked by families looking for extra support or care for their loved one is whether nursing homes are the best place for elderly care. In short, there is no single answer to this question, as we understand that every individual will have different needs to be met as they get… Read more »

How to get an elderly person into a care home | Elderly care Worthing

How to get an elderly person into a care home

In some cases, our loved ones don’t want to face the fact that they are getting older and require more help than they would have 5 years ago. This is a common problem we hear when trying to get an older person into a care home.  When looking for elderly care in Worthing, it’s important… Read more »

These boots were made for walking

These boots are made for walking

Good luck to our senior carer Andrea who is making the Midnight Walk for St Barnabas hospice on Saturday 29th June.

Will & Debs Andrew | Country Lodge Nursing Home Worthing

Welcome Will & Debs

We are delighted to welcome new owners Will and Debs Andrews who are thrilled to be taking over Country Lodge, one of Worthing’s top- rated nursing homes, and looking forward to building on the home’s success. Will who was a hospital doctor in London before working in healthcare quality around the world says: “We’ve been… Read more »

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Benefits of choosing nursing homes in West Sussex – why Worthing is worth it.

Worthing is a traditional seaside town located on the West Sussex coast in the United Kingdom. Famously known for its ‘hidden delights’, Worthing is full of surprises waiting to be explored. The wide seafront is a great place for family walks and the picturesque beaches are the perfect spot for picnics. The town also makes… Read more »

Welcoming new residentsGarden rooms available!

We are proud to say that our home is COVID-19 free and open to new residents.

Call our team on 01903 830600 or email to see how we can help your loved one.