Raffle in aid of Macmillan Nurses

Everyone’s a Winner!

Pauline has been working really hard to rustle up raffle prizes for the big raffle on Saturday in aid of Macmillan Nurses…this is what she has come up with. Congratulations Pauline and thanks to all our suppliers and local traders for their generosity.

Lunch in the garden

Where Did you Get that Hat?

Betty and Edna taking care in the sun while enjoying their lunch outside. Here’s hoping the sun will come shining for our annual Garden Party on Saturday.

Sunny afternoon

Sunny Afternoon

John’s purchase of a rather nice teak table and chairs has been put to good use…Luckily no sign of the taxman!

Barry al fresco

Mr Blue Skies

Our residents have been enjoying the recent spell of sunny weather by taking to the garden now that Steve and his builders have left.

Blackbird singing

Blackbird singing…All by myself!

Our builders have left but they befriended the wildlife as this little fellow shows…very sweet blackbird has been hopping around, particularly at sandwich time and now has no one to sing to!

Garden rooms

Looking smart and selling fast!

Our new garden rooms are absolutely beautiful and have made the home seem twice as spacious. Claire has been busy making sure the new furnishings are all in place and we are looking forward to seeing what Paula will be planting next – at least the recent rain is helping the lawn to grow back.

A beautiful voice!

Alex Eberhard has a beautiful voice which is much enjoyed by the residents.

NEW luxury garden rooms now available

Our beautiful new luxury garden rooms are now complete and available to book! For further information, please call Debbie or Katie on 01903 830600 or email to arrange a viewing.

A maintenance man’s work is never done…

We are blessed with our Roger – not only does he know something useful about almost everything – he can repair most things. Here, he’s sorting out the office steps so that the admin staff can come and go safely whilst on vital errands to the main house.  

Hosanna he build a house!

Yes our new extension is built on a ‘rock foundation’ and is looking good. The green roof blends in well with the verdant green trees and the view across the garden is simply lovely. It’s no hardship walking across to the office when the path is filled with the scent of flowers and the sound… Read more »