Raindrops on daffodils….fresh cakes at tea time!

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Food is definitely one of our residents’ favourite things and not surprisingly as this Worthing Care Home has an excellent chef, Chris, who uses only the freshest ingredients from local suppliers in Worthing.

The kitchen team knows what each resident likes and takes pleasure in making sure each plate is prepared according to their taste. Simple tasty dishes such as Chicken Pie and Apple Crumble are interspersed with more exotic sea bass and raspberry pavlova. Special items like quorn are always available on request.

An always welcome feature with residents and visitors to the care home alike is the tea trolley laden with freshly baked cakes and beverages. After it has made the rounds it’s time for Assistant Chef Pauline or a designated member of staff to prepare the supper dishes. We may not have kittens but all our meals are healthy and wholesome and delicious!