Son of Resident. Resident since 2018

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Could you tell us what you think of Country Lodge?

  • It’s a lovely home.
  • The staff are very friendly and always pleasant.
  • The atmosphere is lovely – lots of joking and laughing.
  • It never smells
  • Most importantly R loves it.

Would you say your relative feels safe?

Yes absolutely. We’ve noticed that when we take R out she finds it very stressful to be out of her comfort zone – Country Lodge. In the Home, R is known, their routine is known and she is very comfortable… the most herself she can be after her health issue.

Do you think the service/care your relative receives is effective and appropriate for their needs?

Yes. Her health issue sometimes causes her pain and staff are very aware of this and quick to get her into bed and lying down which greatly reduces the pain.

Do you think the Home Care is ‘Caring’ – both the clinical and their personal dignity of your relative?

Yes. R’s speech was permanently damaged by her health issue, but apparently the opposite side of the brain still works and enables her to sing. All of the singing activities are thoroughly enjoyed by R and it’s amazing to see her singing when she is almost entirely non-verbal otherwise.

Do you think our Service is ‘responsive’ to you and to your relative’s needs?

Yes. Last week we [asked for help with something] and Staff did it immediately.

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