Top tips when visiting a relative at our Nursing Home West Sussex

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When making the transition from living in their own home to living in a nursing home, your partner, friend or relative will want to know that they will have regular visitors to make the process as enjoyable as possible. A visit from family members, including children can really help to brighten up someone’s day and make Country Lodge their ‘home from home’. It’s important to consider the following points when visiting a relative at a nursing home West Sussex, here are our top tips…

Get into a routine

Although this is not the case for all our residents, most of them prefer to have a routine in terms of when visitors arrive at the nursing home.

We don’t have set times for visitors to come to Country Lodge, but it’s best to work this around their meal times or outings and activities they may be going on. We encourage as much involvement from family members as possible as this helps residents to really relax and feel comfortable within the home.

Keep them updated

Your relative will not want to feel like now they’ve moved into a care home, that they have any less involvement with their friends or family. Keep them updated with any family news, tell them what you’ve been up to and don’t feel guilty about them being in a home – they will be getting the care they require. Take plenty of pictures to show them in case others can’t visit as often.

Chat with their nurses and carers

Staff within our nursing home West Sussex will quickly get to know the residents; what they like, what they don’t like and what help they require on a day-to-day basis. It’s important to speak to the nurses and carers so you can aid your relative in the best possible way.

Don’t overwhelm them

Having too many unexpected visitors can be overwhelming for an elderly person. Care homes can be busy places but fortunately, at Country Lodge, we have plenty of space both indoors and outside in our beautiful garden. However, do bear in mind the personal circumstances of your relative. Were they used to having lots of visitors before they were in the care home? Do they get easily tired out? Would they perhaps appreciate having fewer visitors at one time?

Do share your thoughts with us

You are likely to know your family member very well, and sometimes not all residents feel comfortable opening up to our staff immediately. This is a big step for them so it is entirely understandable. We ask that if your relative tells you something about the nursing home which will help us provide the optimum care to them, especially if it’s something like their favourite food, or maybe a hobby they enjoy. Please do tell us even if it’s something they’re not happy with.

We also really appreciate feedback at our nursing home in West Sussex, so speak to any member of staff and let us know what you think.

Get in contact with Country Lodge

Whether your relative is already at Country Lodge or you are looking for a nursing home in West Sussex, get in contact with our team. We can answer any questions you may have about visiting the home and are proud of our reputation for having a warm and friendly atmosphere. See what other relatives have to say here.

Call us on 01903 830600 or via email here.