Why elderly care is so important – Advice from a nursing home in West Sussex

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Why elderly care is so important | Advice from a nursing home in West Sussex

The thought of growing old can be a sensitive subject, and elderly people, more than anyone, need efficient care and comfort to lead a long, healthy life. When you have an ageing loved one in your life, you’ll want to do everything you can to care for them, as chances are, they’re the parent that cared for you all those years, and now it’s time for you to return the favour.

This article covers the importance of elderly care, from companionship, to the peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe and being looked after, as well as how you can contact Country Lodge, a nursing home in West Sussex for assistance.


According to Age UK, over 1.2m elderly people consider themselves to be lonely. This is due to living alone, families moving far away and unable to visit often, the passing of a loved one, retirement or general health issues that come with growing old.

With elderly care in a nursing home, your loved one doesn’t have to feel this way. Having someone to talk to, and interact with, can really make their day. Knowing that someone will be spending time with them acts as a powerful motivator to get them up, bathed and dressed in clean clothes.

Country Lodge’s nursing home in Worthing, West Sussex understands the importance of elderly care and companionship, and prides itself on providing a safe and social environment for your loved ones to reside in. Friends and relatives are always welcome and can visit at any time, which helps to eliminate loneliness. They regularly host an array of events which include birthday celebrations, summer and Christmas parties, to ensure that residents are always busy and have something to look forward to.

Quality Of Life

As your loved one ages, the time you have with them may become limited and you’ll want every day to be special and meaningful for them. This all leads back to a higher quality of life. If you aren’t able to be with your loved one at all times, elderly care from a professional may be the best idea. Ensuring your loved one’s needs are met even when you aren’t available gives them the higher quality life they deserve.

Families of elderly residents, and elderly residents themselves are often concerned that moving to a nursing home restricts choice and freedom but actually they find that if they choose the right nursing home, the opposite is true.

Country Lodge creates and maintains a beautiful garden that would be impossible for an elderly person to do normally. We also provide delicious food prepared from scratch with all the ingredients being locally sourced, which is also available throughout the day according to preference – including the offer of cooked breakfast in bed! We offer our residents basic support to do whatever is needed to make them feel comfortable, from taking a stroll, getting a drink, to having help on the end of a call-bell to find a lost or dropped items. Experience tells us that this level of choice and freedom is very rare when someone is living on their own or with limited home care. In short, quality of life significantly improves if an elderly person is able to live in the right care home.

If you’re still unsure if Country Lodge, or nursing homes in general are the right choice for your loved one, read our blog on ‘Are nursing homes the best place for elderly care?’ here >>

Peace Of Mind

It’s never an easy time to see your loved one age. It can take a toll on both them and you as they lose the ability to carry out regular day to day tasks. But, by providing them with proper elderly care, you’re giving yourself the peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything in your power to ensure they have what they need. That peace of mind is something you will never regret.

Here’s what one of our residents’ families said:

Brenda has been in the excellent care of Country Lodge for nine months. She came here on respite care while we had a holiday break and has been here ever since. We were lucky enough to have an excellent recommendation from our neighbour who had two relatives spend time here. Brenda has improved greatly since being here with excellent 24 hour care and attention. The staff all do an excellent job and are always so friendly and helpful.

You’ll be able to keep updated from our blog and Facebook page as we love to post about the goings-on at Country Lodge, from garden parties to in-home shows from local musicians.

Arrange a showround at Country Lodge

This article covered the importance of elderly care and how you can help your loved one feel safe and secure during this difficult time. If you think that Country Lodge is the right place for your loved one, our friendly team and on-duty nurses will be happy to give you a full tour of the home including the grounds, and answer any questions you have.

Take a look at our latest reviews from family members here and get in touch by calling our team on 01903 830600 or email us on manager@countrylodgenursing.co.uk

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