2022 Activities and Events planned at our Nursing Home in Worthing

Activities at our nursing home in Worthing

Here at Country Lodge Nursing Home in Worthing, we have a wonderful tradition of celebrating high days and holidays and all the seasonal events in between. Key to the annual calendar are the Summer Grill where relatives and friends join our residents in our garden overlooking the South Downs National Park to celebrate Summer. Come December, we celebrate Christmas with an annual Carol Service Party with relatives and friends. All the staff get involved and there is much preparation for these fantastic events! But of course, this year the real highlight will be a Jubilee Party in June to Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II reigning over England for 60 years. 

Read on for more information on events & activities we have planned in 2022 at Country Lodge…

Special days worth a special luncheon

There are many special luncheons in between –St Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunday, May Day, Harvest, Halloween etc and of course all birthdays are always celebrated with a celebration cake.

Activities for the everyday at our nursing home in Worthing

In between these special occasions we gather together in the lounge for weekly sessions of games. Everything from darts, to bingo, to lounge football, bowling, Connect4 and all sorts of board games depending on what the residents want to do. It’s a great opportunity for connecting, for socialising and for friendship.

If you would like to find out more about what we get up to every day, call us on 01903 830600.

Performances and talks put on

Each month, we turn our little nursing home in Worthing into a theatre, as we have shows from companies such as Tickled Pink who stage wonderful productions in the Lounge and temporarily bring theatre to our world. We also host musicians, weekly and monthly, classical, jazz and contemporary guitarists – there is something for all tastes. 

To mix this up a little we also have Creative Talks coming monthly to host fascinating lectures. This month we heard about ‘Leading Women through the Century’ to celebrate International Women’s Day. It gave the Residents much to think and talk about.

If you would like to see where we out on these events, book a tour around our Worthing nursing home. Just email manager@countrylodgenursing.co.uk, or call us on 01903 830600

Sherry mornings with discussion on improving the Worthing nursing home

The monthly Sherry Morning with the Registered Manager, Debbie Spokes, is very popular and again a wonderful time for connecting and socialising, but also for discussing ideas and raising suggestions as to how our Worthing nursing could change and improve for Residents.

Our nursing home in Worthing has an Activities Ambassador

We are very excited this month to welcome a new Activities Ambassador, Delores Constable who has been a Senior Care Team Leader at Country Lodge and worked here for many years. Delores is excited to take on the role of hosting twice weekly activities sessions in the lounge, running more events, and organising new entertainers to come to Country Lodge Nursing Home.

The exciting future of our activities

As we come out of the restrictions Covid-19 enforced upon us, we emerge with a new sense of direction regarding activities. It is not just about creating community within the home, which we’ve always striven for, but also ‘about bringing the outside world in’ as one relative described it to me recently. We want to make life as interesting, stimulating and entertaining as possible, enabling what may be a Resident’s final chapter to be lived to the full.

Sound like fun?

We like to make sure our Residents have things to look forward to throughout the year, and embrace every occasion we possibly can.

If this sounds like something you, or your loved one, would like to be part of, get in touch with our Registered Manager, Debbie Spokes, on 01903 830600, or by emailing manager@countrylodgenursing.co.uk.


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