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Country Lodge Nursing Home in Worthing offers 24-hour nursing care services to those over 65 years.

We provide a permanent home to most Residents, but we also offer temporary or short-term respite care and palliative care, all with an exceptional level of care. 

Our healthcare professionals have a wealth of experience in caring for those with MS and Parkinson’s Disease, as well as those who have suffered from one or multiple Strokes. Read on to find out more, or get in touch with us to discuss your specific care needs. 

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Permanent Nursing Care

Our rooms are fully equipped to accommodate 24-hour nursing care: fully adjustable beds with specialist mattresses, call bells fitted in every room and nursing staff available 24 hours a day to assist with residents’ needs.

Our electronic care plan system ensures the most accurate and up-to-date recording of residents’ medical needs as well as their preferences for personal care, enabling Carers to understand, in depth, residents’ needs and wishes. We encourage new residents to personalise their rooms by bringing in their favourite personal belongings – pictures, furniture, things of importance to their lives. We want residents to be as comfortable as possible.

Respite Nursing Care

Respite care is two or more weeks of 24 hour nursing care and support, enabling the resident’s usual Carer to have some much needed rest and relaxation. We have found the benefits of respite care to be extensive for both the resident being cared for and the full-time Carer.
A simple change of scenery for the resident can be very stimulating and uplifting and our accommodation, daily activities and delicious home cooked food works well to lift the spirits and break up the usual routine. In tandem, the Carer has time to invest in their life – spending much needed time with family and friends and investing in their own health and well-being. We have also found that the interactions of a respite resident with other residents is hugely beneficial in giving them a new lease of life through the emotional stimulation and community interaction.

Speak to Debbie Spokes, our Registered Care Manager, about how respite care could help you or your loved one by calling 01903 255553

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Palliative Care

This is 24 hour care for those diagnosed with a terminal illness. Over the years we have offered care services and support to many diagnosed with cancer and other terminal conditions and it has been a privilege to support their family and friends in what is an extremely difficult time.

Visiting policies are flexible for those considered close to the end of their life and we work with families to ensure they have the access and support they and their loved one need.

If you are looking for palliative care, and wish to know more, get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team. 

Stroke Care

Following a stroke, multiple issues can arise which need bespoke care responses. We look at how their mobility, cognitive skills, speech and mental health have been affected by the stroke and work hard to put day-to-day care in place that addresses these individual areas and rebuilds that which has been lost or impaired.

Our healthcare professionals have a wealth of experience and training in caring for residents with post stroke challenges and it is wonderful to see residents regain independence with the right care put in place. Physiotherapy, physical activities, a nutritious diet and social interaction all work together to rebuild the resident’s life.

Discover how we could help you, or a loved one, with after stroke care. Just call us on 01903 255553.

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Parkinsons Care home

Parkinson’s Care

We understand Parkinson’s, and that it affects people in different ways, but tremors and gradual loss of physical movement are very common. As a Parkinson’s care home, the Nursing and Caring Staff at Country Lodge Nursing Home work hard to ensure independence through exercise and encouragement is maintained for as long as possible.

Good nutrition, provided through our home cooked meals, and social interaction provided by encouraging involvement in daily, weekly and seasonal activities all contribute to ensuring the well-being of a resident with Parkinson’s is maintained and enhanced.

MS Care

MS is a neurological condition which affects nerves in both the brain and the spinal cord. Sadly, it is a lifelong condition accompanied by a wide range of symptoms that can increasingly make caring for one-self extremely challenging. Tremors, speech issues, cognitive changes, joint pain and mobility challenges are very normal for those with MS.

At Country Lodge we have extensive experience of nursing and caring for residents with MS and work hard to put together a day-to-day care plan which includes the right amount of physiotherapy and social interaction in order to promote and maintain their independence for as long as possible.

The mental well-being of residents with MS is at the forefront of our caring and we work hard to involve residents in the daily activities provided and additional events to keep them integrated and involved in the community life. The emotional support received from staff and other residents is incredibly important to their well-being.

If you would like to know more about how we might be able to help you or a loved one living with MS, fill out our form and we will send more information to you. 

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Person Centered Care:

Person-centered care is at the heart of Country Lodge’s ethos. Everyone has unique qualities and our dedicated staff ensure they provide care that is responsive to individual personal preferences, needs and values. There is always a familiar face here to help at Country Lodge, someone on whom residents can rely for support whenever required. Staff take time to get to know Residents and help them live life as independently as possible.

Carers at Country Lodge Nursing Home in Worthing know more than just Residents’ names and faces. They know people’s personalities, their priorities and their personal care preferences – something we carefully note and update weekly through our electronic care plan system.  This allows Nurses and Carers to provide individually for each Resident’s needs, while at all times respecting their privacy and dignity.

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Understanding Frailty:

Here at Country Lodge we assess care needs according to a frailty scale carefully developed with health professionals. This enables Residents to know when Nursing Care is appropriate for them and what type of care they need to thrive in their unique set of circumstances.

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We believe the care each person receives should be unique and tailored to their individual needs. To discuss the care you or your loved one requires or to arrange a viewing at Country Lodge, please call our friendly experts on: 01903 830600

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