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Caring for someone with Multiple Sclerosis

Caring for a loved one with Multiple Sclerosis is hugely rewarding but can, at times, be time-consuming and stressful as you endeavour to make sure they receive the best care possible. 

Our residential nursing home in West Sussex emphasises the importance of choosing the right care for each individual, and we have years of experience in looking after residents who require Multiple Sclerosis care. 

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Why does Multiple Sclerosis often require specialist care?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. Unfortunately, this is a lifelong condition which comes with a wide range of symptoms that make simple everyday tasks more difficult. These symptoms can include; 

  • Tremors
  • Speech problems
  • Cognitive changes
  • Joint pain 
  • Problems with mobility and walking

You can learn more about how our residential care helps with these symptoms below.

Why choose Multiple Sclerosis residential care? 

Although many individuals want to stay in their own home for as long as possible, others find they want the security provided by Multiple Sclerosis residential care. At Country Lodge, we understand that MS symptoms can change quickly and so the care we offer is flexible and adapted to each resident’s specific needs.

Our nurses and carers provide tailored support for each resident we care for, and they receive training to ensure they are equipped to help our residents with the management of their symptoms.

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What’s included in residential Multiple Sclerosis care?

Our nursing home has numerous features to help deal with the progressive nature of MS. Our main focus is always to maintain a warm, homely and non-institutional environment where your loved one can receive the very best care for their condition.

  • Spacious rooms – Those living with MS might require additional space to get ready in the morning or want the privacy to practice walking in their room. At Country Lodge, every resident can relax in his or her own spacious private bedroom, some of which have direct access to our beautiful gardens facing the South Downs. Learn more about our garden rooms >>
  • Social interaction – According to the MS Society, loneliness and social isolation affect three in five people living with MS. To avoid this and ensure that our residents remain social, we are continually hosting a wide range of activities, parties and often have visits from local artists, musicians and performers. Family and friends are always welcome to visit. 
  • Healthy diet – Our chefs produce fresh, home-cooked, nutritious meals which encourage our residents to stay healthy. Our nurses will also be on hand to help your loved one with eating if their tremors or joint pain makes this difficult. 
  • Highly trained nurses – Our nurses and carers provide tailored support for each resident we care for, and they receive training to ensure they are equipped to help our residents with the management of their MS symptoms.
  • Emotional support – All of our staff and support assistants are always on hand to offer emotional support, companionship and encouragement to our residents.

Let us show you around our home

The differing needs of each Multiple Sclerosis sufferer can make it difficult to choose the right MS care home for your loved one. 

It is natural to have questions and concerns when making choices regarding residential care but our friendly, highly experienced, team are always on hand to explain all aspects of the MS care and support services we offer. We aim to provide quality, impartial advice and expert information when required.

Contact us today to learn more about the MS care support services we offer or book a tour to meet our staff and residents. 

Please note – For the time being, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, visits of our home will have to be virtual. Please phone 01980 830600 for more information.

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