Introducing the new luxury rooms at our nursing home in West Sussex

luxury rooms at our nursing home in West Sussex

Earlier this year, we shared the plans with you to expand our nursing home in West Sussex. Over the past few months we have had new luxury rooms added to our home, and this month we were given the final go ahead to open the rooms to residents.

With this in mind we wanted to share these gorgeous new rooms with you.

Why we wanted to extend our nursing home in West Sussex

Garden view rooms are always requested by those looking for a nursing home in Worthing. And in our monthly resident meetings, the residents had expressed a desire to be able to enjoy the garden to a fuller extent. They wanted to feel part of it rather than just look at it.

From these two requests, and with an area at the back of the home that would be suitable, we decided to build a few more rooms that give beautiful views and direct access to the garden.

Over spring and summer we had most of the building work done. But most of this was done off-site, as we didn’t want to disrupt the peaceful living of our residents. It was rather impressive to see the pre-built structure get craned over and put in place!

Luxury Lodge Garden rooms

Our extension has 5 new luxury resident rooms, which have plenty of space and stunning views of our garden and South Downs National Park.

Thanks to the wide door, residents in these rooms will have easy access directly to the garden so they can enjoy the fresh floral smells in the spring and summer, while the large windows will allow them to admire the horses in the field behind us in the comfort and warmth of their room.

Each room also has a modern ensuite wet room, with a shower, sink unit and stylish bathroom cabinets.

The rooms are also furnished to a high end with:

  • Embroidery curtains
  • Oak furniture
  • Comfortable linen chairs
  • Smart TV
  • Profiling bed
  • Personal telephone
  • Complimentary Alexa


We always encourage our residents to personalise their room, so there is also plenty of empty wall space for pictures to be hung, and should residents like to, there is space for some furniture to be brought in with them. We understand that personal items are what makes a space a home, and we strive to make our nursing home in West Sussex the perfect home for our residents.

Bringing the hair salon to our nursing home in West Sussex

Part of our health and wellbeing programme includes residents having their hair done at regular intervals.

Prior to this extension, this was being done in part of the lounge area, so when designing the extension we wanted to provide a separate space for a bit of pampering.

We now have a dedicated ‘salon’ style room just off the dining room for haircuts, styling and other treatments. This enables us to bring the full hair salon experience to our residents and to make them feel special.

More access to the garden

The garden is the heart of our nursing home in West Sussex, and it is important to us that our residents are able to enjoy it. However, accessibility and ease of movement around the garden was another thing that was mentioned to us often by both residents and their relatives. They were finding that the paths around the garden were not wheelchair friendly and hindered everyone being able to spend time in the garden.

The extension enabled us to do something about that.

Along the side of the new Lodge Garden rooms, we have put tarmac down creating a smooth, wheelchair friendly path from the rooms to the end of the garden. We also put new tiles down in front of the dining room and lounge, to ensure it’s safe to walk and push wheelchairs around that area.

Care provided at our Nursing home in West Sussex

These Lodge Garden rooms have been built with the care we provide in mind.

We are able to offer permanent elderly care to your loved one, or periods of respite care.

We also offer condition specialist care for Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, and strokes.

These rooms have plenty of floor space should residents need extra equipment to help them, or to practise movement and physical therapy exercises.

The ensuites allow them privacy to carry out their personal hygiene routines on their own or with a helping hand.

View these rooms today

We have put a lot of love into designing, building and finishing these rooms so that they will be a home away from home for our residents.

If you are interested in one of these rooms, why not come and view our nursing home in West Sussex. You can meet some of the staff, and residents while getting a true feeling for our home.

Call our Registered Manager, Debbie, on ​​01903 830600, or email

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Brand new & luxurious

Latest availability

We’re delighted to announce we have a very limited number of standard rooms & luxury rooms available. 

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