Settling Your Loved One into Country Lodge Nursing Home: A Compassionate Guide

A daughter settling in your elderly mother into a care home, they are happy and smiling.

Helping someone transition to life in a care home, like Country Lodge can sometimes be a challenging process. Here are some practical tips to support your loved one and ensure they maintain their mental well-being during their move.

Respecting Their Emotions

Acknowledge their feelings: Emotions can run high – from apprehension and fear to insecurity. Amid the logistics, pause and truly listen to your loved one’s concerns. Validate their feelings and reassure them you’re in this process together.

Write an emotions journal: Encourage your relative to jot down their feelings. This therapeutic exercise can help them navigate through their emotions.

Crafting the Ideal Transition Plan

Schedule familiarisation trips: Help with some of the unease by organising visits to Country Lodge before moving in. Familiarity with the new environment will make the transition smoother.

Personalise their space: Mimic their ‘normal’ life by personalising their room with familiar items. Family photos and favourite books will bring comfort. Encourage them to choose what they want to bring, this will make them feel involved in the process.

Reducing Nerves and Apprehension

Inform and explain: Help them understand why they’re moving and what to expect. Regular, gentle conversations can eliminate the element of surprise, and help them mentally prepare for the transition.

Making Country Lodge Feel Like Home

Country Lodge takes pride in providing a homely atmosphere for all its residents. Here’s how it achieves a home-away-from-home feeling:

Customised Approach

Meet the Manager: Country Lodge’s home manager makes it a point to personally meet every new resident, discussing their needs, expectations, and preferences to tailor a personalised care plan.

Chef Meetings: Food plays a vital part in life at Country Lodge. Residents’ food preferences are factored into their care package. The head chef meets the residents to understand their likes and dislikes to help craft the weekly menu.

Activity Coordination: The activities coordinator maintains a host of activities to help residents maintain an active life. They work closely with the resident and family to create a daily regime that keeps in mind the resident’s hobbies and interests. For example, one of our residents was a keen artist so we started an arts club where residents got involved in watercolour painting and colouring sheets.

A key event in the monthly calendar here at Country Lodge is the resident meeting. The residents gather with the team and discuss their thoughts on how the home is run – this includes suggestions for clubs and activities! We find this is a lovely way to settle residents into the home as we actively encourage them to use their voice and keep a sense of autonomy over their life. 

Life Outside the Care Home

Outdoor Activities: Country Lodge believes in fulfilling lives outside of the facility too. Visiting nearby shops or cafes ensures residents feel connected to their community.

Family Participation: Finally, family continues to be an integral part of a resident’s life in Country Lodge. Regular visits, participation in activities, and consistent communication are actively encouraged. We organise a host of events throughout the year, from BBQs to musical performances, that family and friends are invited to!

While the transition period may be fraught with uncertainty and unease, remember your loved one is not alone. With support from the family and Country Lodge’s dedicated team, they will ease into their new home and find it to be comforting, fulfilling and respectful of their independence.

Why not experience the heartwarming, inviting atmosphere of Country Lodge for yourself?

We wholeheartedly invite you and your loved one to come and explore our beautiful home, meet our caring staff, and see the vibrant lifestyle we offer our residents. Share a cup of tea with us, savour a taste of our delicious homemade meals, and discover how our special celebrations bring everyone together like a close-knit family.

Seize this opportunity to envision your loved one as part of our nurturing community, and let us support them to enjoy life to the fullest. Take the first step to creating a blissful new chapter for your family member – book a tour of Country Lodge today.

To arrange your personal tour, please give us a call on 01903 830600, and we look forward to warmly welcoming you and your loved one into the Country Lodge family.

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