What we’ve done in response to our CQC Inspection

Country Lodge Care Home in West Sussex has always been rated ‘Good’ by CQC (Care Quality Commission) and the service is widely thought to be excellent by those who know our service well. This is evidenced by our carehome.co.uk reviews and interviews with relatives recorded on this website.

However, in our most recent CQC inspection the inspectors did find some areas in “Safe” and “Effective” that they wanted us to change – hence the required improvement rating.

Unfortunately, once there are two areas marked as “requires improvement’ then “Well-Led” is also marked as required improvement despite there being no specific negative feedback in this area.

We enjoy working as partners with the CQC and we addressed their recommended areas immediately. We look forward to our next inspection to regain ‘Good’ and we are aiming for ‘Outstanding’.

Below, we have outlined the CQC ‘Key Line of Enquiry’ and the actions we have taken to address their concerns.


  • The choice of bed rails is now documented more clearly in care plans and bed rail bumpers are now put on as standard. Where rails are used – residents can choose to opt-out.
  • We have retired the last manually-adjusted airflow mattress and implemented daily airflow mattress checks, which are to be audited by the care manager.
  • We have adopted more detailed forms for PRN (pro re nata or ‘when required’) medication administration.


  • All residents now have a fluid chart.
  • We have introduced a daily Hydration Champion role to ensure this area receives attention at all times.
  • We have included “MCA Form 310” (in-home assessment of mental capacity) in all care plans.
  • We have renewed our focus on completing MCA 310 in our biannual staff training on mental capacity.


While there were no specific recommendations in this section we have implemented the following improvements to the way we work:

  • A list of checks and audits have now been updated. We now have over 60 areas we audit periodically.
  • We worked with a quality consulting partner to show us how to document risk monitoring and care reviews more effectively.
  • Care Plan checks and nurse updates are formally audited monthly by managers.
  • Weekly management meeting focus on audits and areas of potential risk.
  • Implementing a computerised care planning system to improve documentation, tracking and coordination

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