Caring for the Mental Well-being of the Residents at Country Lodge Nursing Home

Ensuring the welfare of our residents at Country Lodge Nursing Home goes beyond providing care. We pride ourselves on creating a home where all of our residents can thrive. Caring for the mental well-being of each of our residents is our priority. Let’s show you how we do this.

Our Diverse Range of Activities

At Country Lodge Nursing Home, we meticulously curate a diverse range of activities that cater to each and every resident to ensure their needs are met. These include:

Exercise Classes

We provide a wide range of exercise classes to cater to each individual based on their physical needs. These also include Tai Chi, which are gentle exercises that don’t just enhance mobility, but also contribute to greater well-being. Tai Chi has long been lauded for reducing stress levels, increasing strength in the legs, improving mobility and flexibility, and improving balance.


Our sing-alongs with local singer, musician, and highly respected entertainer Tim West have become one of the favourite activities among our residents. We always strive to create a joyful environment. Music is such an important and powerful tool that fosters a sense of connection and promotes emotional well-being. Tim’s engaging performances entertain but also create a wonderful atmosphere where residents can connect with each other and reminisce on the music of their past with great fondness.

Social and Mentally Stimulating Activities

Not content to just entertain and exercise our residents, we appreciate the importance of creativity and stimulating our residents in the right ways. Book club discussions and creative crafts both provide opportunities that cater to their intellectual needs and also foster a greater sense of community. Our book club sessions allow each resident to share thoughts and experiences, and crafts provide a creative outlet that stimulates mental agility and nurtures a sense of accomplishment.

Providing Personalised Care Inside and Outside of the Home

As soon as our residents join us, our priority is to make them feel right at home. We tailor our care to their individual preferences, which include:

Individualised Activity Planning

We endeavour to understand each individual’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and activity preferences. Our Activities Co-ordinator meets with each individual upon their arrival to understand who they are and what they will benefit from, guaranteeing our calendar is full to the brim with activities that resonate with each person on an individual level. We appreciate that not everybody is a team player, and likewise, some don’t like to do things by themselves. We tailor each of our offerings to ensure residents always feel seen, heard, and engaged in the things that bring them pure joy.

Food Based on Their Tastes

Food is an incredibly personal thing, and this is why our Head Chef engages with residents on a one-to-one basis to ensure that there are menus that don’t just cater to nutritional needs, but also incorporate food preferences. Every single one of our meals is crafted to be healthy and homemade, contributing to the overall well-being of our residents, and ensuring that there is something in each meal that makes Country Lodge Nursing Home feel like a home away from home.

External Engagements

We always work with residents to ensure they do the things that contribute to their well-being. The Manager takes time to discuss activities and groups that each resident would like to continue outside of the home. By connecting residents to activities they’ve enjoyed throughout their lives, whether it’s going to church groups, community gatherings, visits to a local park, or just going shopping and other outings that residents cherish, they can continue to lead fulfilling and connected lives.

Additional Services

We always take the extra step to provide the little things that can enhance the overall experience for our residents and make them feel good. These include our on-site hairdressers who ensure each resident feels fabulous, because they look fabulous!

Come and See How We Can Help Your Loved Ones

As you can see, our commitment to well-being extends beyond providing somewhere for your loved ones to live. Our dedicated staff ensures a nurturing and supportive environment for everyone. Our residents’ families are more than happy with our services, as evidenced by the positive reviews they leave on, which reaffirms our commitment to providing exceptional care. 

We’re always striving to improve our standards, which is why we go above and beyond for every single resident. What’s more, Country Lodge Nursing Home has won many awards, including the West Sussex Partners In Care Award for ‘Best Care Team’ in June 2023 and the regional Prestige Award for ‘Best Care Home’ in August 2023. At Country Lodge Nursing Home, we believe that every resident should not just be cared for, but should feel at home.

To come and view Country Lodge Nursing Home in Worthing, or to enquire about the availability of our rooms, please call or email our Manager, Ms Debbie Spokes. 

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