COVID-19 Update – January 2021

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COVID-19 Update - January 2021

Coronavirus has affected almost everyone in the world. Unfortunately, many care homes have been hit hard. We are thankful that our care home in West Sussex has continued to be COVID-19 free throughout the pandemic. It has been a haven of safety, relaxation and cheerfulness for all the residents.

We’re excited about the arrival of the vaccines. Both our residents and staff have had the first dose which confers huge protection. We see this as the light at the end of the tunnel: the end of this pandemic may just about be in sight!

Whilst we’re in this new lockdown, the wellbeing and safety of our staff and residents remain paramount to us. The additional safety and hygiene measurements previously instated will remain in place to ensure that we can continue to safely provide outstanding care.

These include:

  • PPE (personal protective equipment) – All our staff wear the appropriate PPE to help protect themselves and our residents.
  • Increased cleaning – Our team of cleaners are continuing to complete daily deep cleans. We have also invested in disinfectant fogging machines. This helps to make sure that all surfaces remain spotless and virus-free.
  • Testing – All our staff and residents are routinely tested for coronavirus. Staff are now tested 3 times a week: once with PCR and twice with Lateral Flow devices to be as sure as possible that there are no asymptomatic cases.
  • Temperature checks – In addition to regular testing, we take staff temperatures every day before starting work and we take resident temperatures twice a day.
  • Virtual and Pod visits – To ensure that our residents don’t miss out on time with their families whilst they are unable to visit, we set up a video visits via Zoom or Facebook. We have even converted one of our rooms into a garden-themed ‘visiting pod’ so that families can safely visit without entering the residents’ side of the home.

Let us show you around our home

It is natural to have questions and concerns when making choices regarding residential care, especially with everything that is happening right now. But our friendly, highly experienced, team are always on hand to explain all aspects of the elderly care we offer. We aim to provide quality, impartial advice and expert information when required.

Contact us today to learn more about the elderly care support services we offer or book a virtual tour to meet our staff and residents. We currently have beautiful garden rooms available which overlook the South Downs. Please contact our team by phoning 01980 830600 or send an email to

Welcoming new residentsGarden rooms available!

We are proud to say that our home is COVID-19 free and open to new residents.

Call our team on 01903 830600 or email to see how we can help your loved one.