Paying for Care at Country Lodge Nursing Home

Paying for care home

The thought of paying for care homes may seem very intimidating when you have been living at home all your life, but hopefully, this information will be useful to signpost the process into Care and to give you some reassurance that it is very possible to cover the cost, especially if you have equity in your home.

Do all residents pay the same?

There is a minimum amount required to cover the weekly cost of providing safe Care, but no they do not. The weekly fee varies at our home according to the size of your room, the outlook, whether there is an ensuite loo or shower room and whether you have direct garden access. We try to have a range of rooms so that we can accommodate a variety of budgets. The care provided is the same excellent standard for everyone.

What does the weekly fee cover?

The weekly fee covers your room, your food, your toiletries, your laundry, your care, your utilities, your activities, your phone, your wifi and your television. Extras are itemised on your bill and would be incontinence products, hairdressing, chiropody, newspapers, or magazines you may order and any other private medical services such as physiotherapy for example.

Is a deposit required on admission?

No, we do not take a deposit.

Can I defer payment if I am selling my home?

The Local Authority can help you with paying for a care home whilst you are selling your home. Please contact our Registered Manager, Debbie Spokes to discuss this, if you would like to. It is called a ‘Property disregard’ and it is done frequently when people first move into care homes. We are very used to assisting people through this process successfully.

Can you explain CHC and FNC and whether I am eligible for that type of funding?

CHC stands for Continuing Health Care and FNC means Funded Nursing Care. They are both criteria-assessed NHS funding contributions that can be accessed if someone has complex health or extensive nursing needs. When we believe a resident meets the criteria, the Home Manager alongside the Registered Nurses will co-ordinate the funding application on their behalf. Please be aware both funding contributions are subject to reassessment by the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and may be withdrawn.

Are there any insurance policies that can cover my cost of care?

Absolutely, yes. You can, for a lump capital sum purchase, an annuity policy which will cover the full cost of private nursing care for the rest of your life. The benefits of this type of policy is that the number of years care is covered for is unlimited and after purchase, you are free to do whatever you want with the rest of your money and assets. If you are interested in this type of policy please contact our Registered Manager Debbie Spokes who can recommend a few highly commended private Financial Advisors or source one yourself.

Do fees rise every year?

Fees are reviewed every year, usually in April, taking effect in May. Annual increases reflect our running costs and inflation.

Are there any state benefits to help with the cost of Care?

Yes, in some situations you may be eligible to claim Attendance Allowance for personal care. To ensure you receive the right advice on eligibility and how to claim, we recommend you talk to Age UK on 0800 055 6112 or visit You can also speak with Citizens Advice on 03454 040506 or visit

Will my fees be subsidising Local Authority Funded Residents?

No, unlike many providers around 95% of our residents are privately funded. Consequently, we do not operate any subsidisation policy as we believe that would be unfair to those who have planned for and saved towards their care costs in later life. You can be confident that all your fees are charged in respect of your own individual care.

How do I pay?

For all permanent residents, we require fees to be paid four-weekly in advance, by direct debit. We can help you set up the direct debit payment process. We send the invoice in advance so you can make arrangements for the funds to be available on the agreed collection date. For short-stay residents, we accept cheques (which should be made payable to Colten Care Ltd), card payments and bank transfers.

Do I need a Power of Attorney?

This is something you will need to take your own legal advice about. If a resident does not have mental capacity and they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves a Power of Attorney is essential. For a relative or third party to be able to make decisions on your behalf you will need a registered Lasting Power of Attorneys for Finance and/or Health and Welfare. Agreeing these in advance is a simple task that can help to relieve stress and be a prudent way to avoid a court process.

For more information, call the Office of the Public Guardian on 0300 456 0300 or visit Alternatively, our Registered Manager Debbie Spokes can recommend some local Solicitors who can help you and your family with this.


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