What you should look out for when looking for a care home for a Parkinson’s sufferer

What you should look out for when looking for a care home for a Parkinson's sufferer

1 in 37 people alive in the UK today will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s in their lifetime.* Most of us are aware of the disease, and its implications on a loved one’s life and independence. While we will support our loved ones to live independently for as long as possible, there is likely to come a time when they will need 24-hour medical care and support.

This stage can be quite overwhelming, and quite emotional, for you and your family, especially as there are additional needs that need to be thought about.

In this article, we make a list of things that you should be looking for in a care home for Parkinson’s sufferers.

Qualifications and experience

You want to know that your loved one with Parkinson’s is going to get the best possible care for their condition. You will also likely know that the care a Parkinson’s sufferer will need is vastly different to the care for any other condition, or age-related disability.

Therefore, when you are visiting care homes or nursing homes, you should ask about the qualifications and experience that the care staff have. Do they have other residents with Parkinson’s? Have they done specialist training in caring for a Parkinson’s sufferer?

At Country Lodge, we know that the disease will impact people in different ways. We provide regular training to our staff so that they have a deep understanding of Parkinson’s and will know how to handle any situation correctly.

We are a nursing home that specialises in providing care for Parkinson’s sufferers and have had many residents with the condition live with us. Many of our staff have been with our care home for over 10 years, meaning that they have built up plenty of experience in working with the disease.

Same care team

One of the most important things for you will be that your loved one is happy and comfortable in their care home. This is not achieved by luck, but by a consistent care and management team that provides stability and continuous support.

Happiness and comfort come from trusting the people around them, which is why you should ask about the consistency of the team. Your loved one won’t trust the home or staff if they see a different face every day. Question how many care staff are from an agency, and how many people are employed by the home.

We are proud to employ a team of carers and nurses who build a rapport with our residents and get to know them as people rather than as patients. In fact, most of our carers will say that they feel the residents become an extension of their family. Our constant care team will help your loved one feel calm and settled in our home, enabling them to thrive and be happy.


Due to the nature of the condition, there are a few things that a care home for Parkinson’s sufferers will need to provide.

As the disease progresses, it might be likely that your loved one struggles to walk. If this is the case, and they are in a wheelchair or use walking equipment for assistance, then you will want to make sure that their room, and the rest of the home, has space for these to be used. If there isn’t enough space, then your loved one might be deterred from leaving their room and joining social activities.

All of our rooms are organised in a way that allows easy wheelchair access, or walking equipment. We also have a lift to help residents get from the first floor to our ground floor, where our dining room, lounge, and gardens are.


As Parkinson’s might affect your loved one’s movement, they might be unable to participate in some activities. Participating in activities at a care home is important for a resident as it encourages them to interact with others, which will help with their mental health.

Therefore, you should ask what activities are held that a Parkinson’s sufferer would be able to join in with.

At Country Lodge, we run a range of activities throughout the week suitable for residents with all types of conditions. From darts to arts and crafts to keeping the balloon up, there is always something for your loved one to get involved with.

Care plans

The care given will be an imperative part of moving your loved one into a care home for Parkinson’s sufferers. You will want to know that every aspect of your loved one’s care is being considered and dealt with, and you will want to know that the communication across the team is efficient so that nothing is missed.

Don’t be afraid to ask how they create care plans, and what software they use to share it with the team.

The team at Country Lodge use an electronic care plan system which ensures the most accurate and up-to-date recording of residents’ medical needs, as well as their preferences for personal care. This enables carers to understand, in-depth, residents’ needs and wishes. We also encourage relatives to add to their loved ones’ care plan, so that it is as personalised as possible.

Interested in Country Lodge

Country Lodge is the perfect care home for Parkinson’s sufferers as we are a small home. This enables us to give personalised and tailored care to your loved one, in a home-from-home setting.

We are rated ‘Good’ by CQC and have the highest rating for a nursing home in the Worthing area (9.9).

If you are interested in moving a loved one to our nursing home, then we recommend you visit us to get a true feel for the home.

Get in touch with our Registered Manager, Debbie, to book a viewing, or to discuss your loved one’s needs. Call 01903 830600, or email her on manager@countrylodgenursing.co.uk.

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