Tips for planning a holiday with someone living with Multiple Sclerosis

Going on holiday and receiving Multiple Sclerosis care

Thinking about taking a short break or holiday with a loved one who is living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? When organising a trip with someone with MS, whether it be going abroad or staying in the UK, planning is essential.

There are a few things that will need to be considered in the planning phase to make your trip successful. In this article we share a few things you should consider before going away.

Book through a specialist travel agency

There are a few travel agencies that specialise in arranging accessible holidays for those with disabilities. Some will just cover short breaks in the UK, while others will be able to help you arrange a holiday abroad.

Agencies such as these will be able to help you book flights, wheelchair adapted taxis, mobility equipment hire and adapted rooms, so that your loved one will get any Multiple Sclerosis care they need while enjoying their break.

Make a list of access needs

Once you have figured out where you are going, and how you will get there, it is worth having a think about what extra assistance you might need throughout the holiday.

This could be in-airport support, having a roll in shower, or needing extra equipment in and around the accommodation. It is a good idea to make a list of these extra needs so that you don’t miss anything off. A list may also make it easier to figure out who you need to discuss the Multiple Sclerosis care with.

Inform your travel company of any needs

If you have decided to travel abroad for your break, you should let your airline know what assistance you and your loved one will need when you book the flights.

Airports must provide free assistance throughout the airport, from checking in to boarding the plane and using the toilets. It is always a good idea to get written confirmation of the assistance you will receive from the airline and confirm it when you check in.

Think about the weather

Sometimes hot weather can make symptoms worse for those living with Multiple Sclerosis. So, if you are jetting off for a warm weather break, you will need to think about the Multiple Sclerosis care that will be needed. There are a few ways that you can managing the heat and symptoms:

  • Drink cold drinks throughout the day
  • Use a mist spray to spray your face, and body, with cool water
  • Run your wrists under cold water
  • Use a handheld fan
  • Eat light meals such as salads rather than heavy, hot meals
  • Take cold baths or showers


The cold can also have an impact on MS symptoms, so if you are planning a trip to somewhere a little cooler, make sure you pack plenty of clothes so that you can layer up and keep warm.

Travelling with medication

You don’t need to be told to take the medication with you, but you might need to be reminded that different countries have different rules and regulations around medicines. If you are going abroad, it is best that you check that the country you are travelling to will allow you to take your medication into the country. This can be done by contacting the embassy of the country you are visiting.

If travelling by plane, keep any medication in your hand luggage unless told otherwise by your airline, and keep it in its original packaging.

It is also a good idea to take their prescription and a letter from their GP that has details of the medication and health condition; this can help avoid any problems at customs.

Make sure that you keep the medicine at the right temperature. So if you are going to a warm country and the medication needs to be kept at a certain temperature, contact the manufacturer of the drug as they might be able to provide a travel pack to keep the medication cool.

It goes without saying, take enough medication for the duration of your holiday. If possible, take a little extra so that you have medication to take should there be any travel delays.

Just looking for a break from your loved one?

As a carer, you might be looking at taking a short break for yourself, and need a bit of respite care for your loved one.

If this is the case, you might want to consider having your loved one stay in a nursing home that provides specialist Multiple Sclerosis care. This will allow you to have a break knowing that your loved one is being well looked after and receiving the support that they need.

Respite care at a nursing home, such as Country Lodge, will also be a break for your loved one as they will get to meet new people, participate in new activities and enjoy a change of scenery too.

Our nursing home in Worthing offers respite care for two or more weeks. We have 24 hour nursing care and support from a team of nurses who are experienced in Multiple Sclerosis care.

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